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There are several advantages of upgrading your hosting from a shared service to a Virtual Private Server. Hence, many SMBs have made the shift citing security, storage and speed as their major reasons. Many say that VPS hosting is a better version of  shared, but allow us to debunk this myth. Firstly, it is not. It is similar to a dedicated server in more ways than one. This essentially means that while looking for VPS hosting, there are several things to take into consideration. As a dedicated server has a secure storage with a facility to add SSL in the root domain, so does VPS. But that isn’t all or why small business prefer VPS to shared or even dedicated for that matter. With this article, we aim to clarify some major points which will help you know why VPS hosting is preferred.

  1. It is managed by the hosting provider

When you buy a shared package, what you essentially are doing is renting out a room on a physical server. When you do that, you are sharing a server with many others where chances are that speed and security could be compromised. Since no SMB or a business would want to be in that position, VPS hosting is preferred. With VPS, you can expect your hosting to be managed. This means that your service provider will take care of all the management tasks for your hosting account so that your sole focus lies on your business.

  1. High performing servers

Migrating to VPS hosting has a larger benefit of outstanding performance without an inch of a doubt. VPS hosting service providers ensure that the hardware that is used is of the best quality and that deployers get the most reliable performance. If your hosting provider is by any chances deploying Xeon processors by Intel with a high-speed memory chip and RAID controllers, be sure that you are choosing this provider over others. In addition to this, make sure that this provider also facilitates SSD storage with the mentioned equipment. Such VPS hosting providers are in much demand because SSD is much quicker than mechanical HDD disks. Hence, SMBs prefer providers that give them the former to the latter.

  1. Zero setup charges

Most people believe that VPS hosting needs prior technical knowledge while setting up. But that isn’t the case. If you choose the right VPS hosting provider, your job will get done in a jiffy. Infact, hosting providers do the setting up of VPS for free because there is absolutely little or no time that is consumed while doing so. Additionally, VPS also has the benefit of 24/7 technical support and server uptime. So there are very little or no chances of server to go down and get disrupted.

  1. Bandwidth that is unmetered

The pace, storage capacity and speed of VPS makes it an excellent bargain for organizations of all shapes and sizes. However, you will see for what its worth, many eCommerce and online revenue generating websites opt it because it has more bandwidth potential. So much so that now with every plan, VPS hosting gives you unmetered bandwidth. If your goal is to get more traffic, then this is what you should definitely have because many businesses online have tried and tested this route which has bore them fruit.

  1. Facilitates a control panel 

Now to manage your hosting, you will inevitably need a control panel that helps you add and edit or even store new files. This can be done if you have a great server panel. VPS hosting gives you the option to use a cPanel or Plesk panel to help host your files. In case you are not aware of how you can host the, you can get to know the same from your facilitator and then add and manage files on your own.


VPS hosting is definitely a great choice for businesses that are in the online game on the long run. This could be your first step when it comes to seriously taking your business on the internet and making sales through the site. As and when you scale you can go for cloud VPS which is much different than SSD VPS but to be honest, VPS has enough scale to go the whole hog.

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