There are over 200 smartphone brands in the world, and many more are still emerging. Smartphone brands have grown because of the massive internet consumerism.

Previously to access the internet you had to have a desktop computer. Now we have the internet straight from the comfort of our pockets.

Despite having over 200 brands in the world there are some popular and very powerful smartphone brands that have dominated the world.

People do hold different opinions on tech gadgets. So whatever shall be discussed in the article is only based on an assessment of how well these companies have performed.

You can find people’s opinions and feedback on some of these gadgets at or further insights by reading gadgets shops’ online reviews.

Here, you’re going to talk about some of the most powerful smartphone brands of 2021.

1.  Apple

It is without a doubt that Apple is one of the best smartphone brands in the world.

In 2020 there iPhone 12 series brought them to the leading global smartphone market share.

For a long time now they are iPhone series has shown a lot of tech advancements.

The biggest disadvantage of Apple phones is the integration into the Apple ecosystem where to get a better or smooth experience you may have to purchase other Apple products.

iPhones are also overpriced and as much as nobody forces anybody to buy something, it has been seen to project some type of status symbol.

2.  Samsung

Apple and Samsung are the two most competing smartphone brands.

What makes Samsung stand out is that it makes both high-end flagship phones and mid-range phones which has enabled it to gain more customers.

The Samsung Galaxy Note, Z, and S series are pricy phones while the Galaxy A series cheaper and more affordable.

Striking a balance between high and pocket-friendly phones is what has enabled Samsung to continue building its brand name in all social classes.

Google and Samsung have also been ranked as two of the best Android smartphone brands.

3.  Google

Known for its popular search engine that generates over 5 billion searches a day,  Google is also a smartphone brand that has built its name over the last couple of years.

Google has a variety of high-tech integrated products like the Google assistant, smart home devices, Gaming and entertainment gadgets, and many more.

As of 2020 Google Pixel, 5 was in competition with some of the best smartphone brands.

The best part about Google smartphones is that you expect the best of the android operating system. Android is run by Google.

4.  Huawei

We all know the contribution of China to the smart world.

As of 2021 who away is still the leading smartphone Brand from China in terms of shipment market share with a percentage of 41{63db9e01466bcb89d915115e4058035bc1dbef85212a955ed28cbdcf59c45a54}.

Despite Huawei has been everything you would want for a good smartphone at an affordable price the biggest downside is that it does not support Google Play services.

5.  One Plus

As of 2021 one plus has emerged as one of the top smartphone brands. The company that was started in 2019 has been found its way to the top list of tech companies.

A lot of tech channels are recommending one plus over many of the expensive smartphone brands.

The selling point of One Plus products is their prices. They are relatively cheap compared to many brands.

They have two series of smartphones; the Nord series and the Rooster flagship.

The huge Downside of one plus smartphones is that they have not advanced their technology to include wireless charging and other advanced features like water resistance.

However, it is still a growing company at we should expect more advancements in the future.

6.  Xiaomi

Another Chinese brand that has been making it big in the smartphone world is Xiaomi.

It not only manufactures affordable smartphones but also other gadgets like tablets laptops fitness trackers, Smart Home devices, tv, and other accessories.

Some of the best Xiaomi phones in the market right now are; Xiaomi mi 11, Poco F3, Xiaomi Mi 10t, and Redmi Note 9 5G series.


Though the brand name doesn’t matter when choosing a smartphone, it all comes down to the performance of the gadget.

It is of no use to pay a lot of money for a gadget whose functionality does not reflect the price it goes for. Do your comparisons and read reviews to know more about smartphones before making any purchase.