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They’re always asking questions, making an attempt to further their data of the world around them so think about questions they have asked you as a result of there is a good chance a number of them might be changed into an exciting science experiment for them to strive. Hitherto men of science haven’t been compelled to halt, they have at all times discovered methods to advance additional. Science policy thus deals with the whole area of points that involve the pure sciences. Science does not intention to cowl exhaustively the whole of reality, but to construct programs and ideas which is able to perhaps — and it is a big perhaps — allow man to behave on the world.

We have now genuflected before the God of Science solely to find that it has given us the atomic bomb, producing fears and anxieties that science can never mitigate. Science is the information of many, orderly and methodically digested and arranged, in order to turn out to be attainable by one. The abstract, highlights and conclusions of papers on this journal should include clear and concise statements as to why the study was accomplished and how readers will profit from …

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