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What technology means in hindi, technology that means in hindi, technology definition, examples and pronunciation of technology in hindi language. Modular contracting is meant to cut back program danger and to incentivize contractor performance whereas meeting the Government’s need for well timed entry to rapidly altering technology. Consistent with the company’s info technology architecture, agencies should, to the maximum extent practicable, use modular contracting to amass main methods (see 2.a hundred and one) of data technology. Agencies can also use modular contracting to accumulate non-major techniques of information technology.

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Prior to getting into into a contract for data technology, an agency ought to analyze risks, benefits, and prices. (See half 7 for added data concerning requirements definition.) Reasonable danger taking is appropriate so long as risks are managed and mitigated. Contracting and program workplace officers are jointly answerable for assessing, monitoring and controlling threat when selecting tasks for investment and during program implementation. This part applies to the acquisition of information technology by or for the usage of companies apart from acquisitions of information technology for nationwide safety systems.

The earliest examples of communication technology are devices that amplified an individual’s capability to send messages over lengthy distances. Beating drums and sending smoke alerts to speak past the vary of the human voice are perhaps the earliest examples of communication technology. Electric gadgets like the telegraph, phone and wi-fi radio made it possible for individuals to speak over a global scale, and for a single person to reach a very large audience.

With the clicking of a mouse, a computer user can ship an e-mail to one, or a dozen, or ten thousand others. People can even interact with others via websites, podcasts and social networking sites corresponding to Facebook and Twitter.

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The latter half of the 20th century gave rise to the Information Age and speedy advances in the use of computers. Communication technology made a transition from analog technology to digital forms of communication, greatly enhancing the capability of the underlying gadgets. For instance, analog television technology supplied customers with a handful of TV channels whereas fashionable digital televisions provide lots of of channels. Digital televisions linked to the web additionally make attainable different types of entertainment similar to music and access to Youtube movies.