A VPN, fully known as a virtual private network, is a secure means of connection between an individual’s device and its internet source. VPN can be used as a form of Internet protection as it can help to protect from things like censorship and interference. With VPN, you can also keep your identity while on the internet.

A VPN can be used by different consumers and company bodies. From various results of US-Reviews, it can easily be deduced that people that make use of the VPN services can be broadly classified into 2; the consumer category and the companies. Consumers majorly focus on its ability to hide their private identity while companies tend to use it as a means of connecting all employer’s internet locations at work. Services through VPN go through an encrypted source, meaning that no external body can get information about the internet activities, not even government bodies, says different cable and internet companies reviews.

What can a VPN be used for?

1.   For Privacy

If your online privacy is important to you, both as an individual or a corporation, then you should consider using a VPN. With a very strong VPN, there is an assurance of a very strong layer of data encryption, this, in turn, helps to protect the user’s identity from possible trackers. Possible hackers are also not excluded as your online activities are protected from being leaked to anyone, including your internet providers.

2.   To change location.

This particular feature is inevitable that endears it to a lot of users. With a VPN, users can easily change their browsing location to any other location of choice worldwide. In simple English, even if you are in the US, you can make it look like you are browsing from the UK or any other country that has that same VPN services in it. VPN does this by changing your IP address to that of the desired location.

3.   To access blocked websites

Some countries block citizen’s internet access to specific sites. With a VPN, this can be bypassed by changing the browsing location. That way it seems like you are browsing from an entirely different location and these blocked sites can be accessed.

In other instances such as online shopping, it might not even be a case of a blocked website. It could be that certain products are only accessible to specific regions. This can also be solved by using a VPN.

With VPN access, browsing is made easier for users, especially in instances where Internet access is not easy to come by. In cases where the user is streaming content, traveling across regions, on public WiFi and so on, a VPN remains the best bet for use.