Times of vacations are generally seen as times people get to relax and escape the stress of daily living. Going on a vacation means that you are at a point where you need to be free from stress, work, or general distractions.

On UK.collected.reviews, users share their vacation stories and all they did to have a swell time. The internet also has wonderful experiences of people who love travelling, and how they control the use of technology when they are on vacation.

Having a memorable experience during vacations is important as it helps you achieve your goal for going on vacations, freeing yourself from every form of distraction. Compiled below are some reasons you should ditch technology during vacations.

1.      Experience the Place

People usually go on vacations to unplug, explore and experience new places, especially in different locations from where they currently reside. You can go on vacations to do any of these things, but it is a part of the experience to have gained knowledge about a place after you have been there on vacation. Putting away technology devices – mostly phones and laptops – that you usually spend time using, would greatly give you room to explore your vacation destination.

2.      Improved Health

Having a healthy lifestyle does not come upon anyone. Technology, despite its many benefits, is known to have some negative effects on people who indulge in them excessively. Studies have shown that being unhealthy can be related to addictions associated with technology. To relax while on vacation, you should ditch technology while you are on vacation, and see how your health improves greatly for it.

3.      Learn Communication

Traveling with people means that you would need to invest your time and efforts in making sure that communication is open and flows freely. People need to feel connected, and communicating with others is one of the best ways to do that. When you ditch technology, you learn better ways to communicate, especially orally, with the people you are on vacation with or the locals at the vacation destination.

4.      Revel in Special Moments

On every vacation, there are always moments that you will find special, and sometimes, unforgettable. You would not want to miss any of those moments because you were scrolling through social media, or reading a news blog. You need to ditch technology so you do not miss any special moments, and you also get the chance to revel in them.

5.      Focus on Appreciation

Without your technological devices, you will fully see nature and all the intricate beauty it possesses and focus on appreciating every detail. Technology can rub you off this chance to see nature, so you need to ditch it when you are on vacation.

6.      Combat Loneliness

Loneliness from excessively indulging in technology can cause you to feel lonely. Being on vacation is a means for you to unwind and form deeper connections with people which will help you combat loneliness, giving you a sense of belonging.


With all the advantages and opportunities offered by technology, it can still pose threats to the human mind if it is overused. On vacations, ditching technology is a way to connect with your inner self, the people around you, and stay in touch with your environment.