How attached are you to your make up products? The majority of women out there cannot do without their beauty products, but do you know there are some facts you still don’t know about these beauty products?

When applying your makeup, have you ever thought about how that makeup came into existence? Beauty products have been in existence since forever, and there are quite a number of facts you don’t know about them as a young adult.

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But, before you buy that favorite beauty product, here are some interesting facts you should know about them:

1.  Expensive Makeup Products Were Once Considered Illegal

Yes, you probably haven’t heard of this before, but it’s a fact. There was a law that considered expensive makeup products illegal. The law was called Lex Oppia, and it was made during the times of the Romans. At that particular time, being wealthy as a woman was restricted, and it was the same for a woman who does expensive makeup, especially imported ones. Of course, you don’t need to be told the law has been abolished. Do you?

2.  Red Means Classy

How much do you love your red lipstick? Do you know that there was a time in Europe when people could tell your social class by the color of lipstick you wear? Yes, at such a time, wearing a red lipstick signifies that you are classy. Even your light pink lipstick makes you look elegant.

3.  Makeup Products are Regulated

Just like your food and drugs, do you know that your beauty products are also regulated by the FDA? This is to ensure that any beauty product being used is safe for the body. Any product which is marked unsafe by the FDA will not be made available for sales to the general public.

4.  Cosmetic Was Derived from a Greek Word

Ever thought of the origin of cosmetics before? It might interest you to know that cosmetic was derived from Kosmos, which is a Greek word, and it means worldly.

5.  Not all Products Labeled Natural are Actually Natural

This is one interesting fact you need to know. In recent times, every brand now produces natural products, but how much natural ingredients can be found in them? Due to the fact that a lot of people admire natural products, a number of cosmetic companies have adopted this name for nearly all their products, when indeed, their products are not truly natural.

6.  Switching to Natural Products Requires Patient

Most women are not patient at all, when they decide to switch to natural products, they expect to see results immediately. However, you should know that transitioning from chemical to natural beauty products require lots of patients in order for you to get the right results.

If you love beauty products, then these interesting facts are for you. Of course, there are a lot more facts you should find out yourself.